About us

The Beginning

The bakery was founded in June 2010 but the idea came a year or so before that when Emma Brown fell in love with the French ‘Macaron’ one weekend on a visit to Laduree in Zurich. After living and working in Switzerland for 4 years Emma gave up her steady day job with the dream to open a macaron shop back in Manchester.

I fell in love with French Macaron Emma Brown

Since the first event in June 2010 at the top of the Beetham Tower in Manchester, the English Rose Bakery has a growing customer base selling macarons at local producers’ markets around the North West, providing favours and macaron tiers for weddings and events.  They were launched in Selfridges, Trafford Centre in October 2011 and 6 months later in the Birmingham store.  In August 2014 they decided to withdraw from the big food halls to focus on independant clients and growing the Patisserie and celebration cake side of the business.

All of our macarons are baked in the kitchen above The Castle Hotel on Oldham Street and are delivered fresh each week to local shops, markets and customers around the UK.

The Macaron

The French ‘Macaron’ or English ‘Macaroon’ comes from the Italian word ‘Maccarone’ which is derived from ‘ammaccare’ meaning to crush or beat, in this case used in reference to the almonds which are the principal ingredient in our delicious English Rose Bakery macarons.

Some say that baking the perfect macaroon is a fine art, requiring lots of patience and an element of unique ‘know how’ only achievable after months of practice.

The Ingredients

gluten free

The English Rose Bakery aim to use locally sourced ingredients and packaging where possible and support local businesses.

All our macarons are gluten-free.

In our normal macaron range we only use free-range egg whites.

And after practicing on numerous occasion we have finally mastered the vegan macaron. A completely plant based, gluten free treat!

The Flavours

Include our menu (see picture) :

all our macarons flavours

We are constantly experimenting with new flavours and ideas and we are open to suggestions, keep checking this site and newsletters for updates or email us at hello@englishrosebakery.com.


The English Rose Bakery Macarons are best consumed within 5 days of purchase and are best consumed at room temperature.

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