Manchester Macaroons

Manchester-macaroonsWe’ve been inspired by the Manchester day parade and the Manchester bake off this week-end and we are trying to figure our the taste of Manchester?
Looking to replicate in a macaroon.
Manchester tart? So bananas some say (others disagree with the banana comment) with custard, jam and coconut.
Vimto? Fruity goodness, apparently grapes should play the largest part.
The Manchester Egg? Hmm! not sure about a pickled egg and black pudding macaroon, the chances of that working are very slim.
Boddingtons? Too bitter?!
What do you think mac lovers? What’s the taste of Manchester?

Macaroons shouldn’t be this technical!

broken-computerWell how frustrating are computers, url’s, domains etc etc.
Thanks for bearing with us during our technical difficulties, it was touch and go for a while although more upsetting and frustrating trying to deal with non existent people on the other end of a web site.
Thanks to the Cahoona lads for helping us along the way while we turned into non-techy stress heads.
But now we can get on with making our lovely delicious french delights.
We have even more for you this wk end, giant raspberry ripple macaroons, tarte au citron and more.
Come see us in Piccadilly on Fri and Sat and try for yourselves, we’ll let you know how they go down. See you there.

Exploding Macaroons

blog-exploding-macaronsEEK we’ve lost our mojo!
We have changed some of our suppliers recently and its caused a ruckus in the English Rose kitchen. Exploding macaroons on the menu and nothing else. Left us short for markets which is a shame, we’ll have to make up for it this wk. Any ideas anyone? have to take a scientific approach this wk and eliminate one ingredient at a time to figure out which one of them is causing the particularly volatile reaction.
Keep your fingers crossed for us that we figure it out this wk so we can continue to bring you our wonderful macaroons.

Sugary Easter Eggy Treats

blog-sugary-easter-treatsTreat your friends and family to an alternative Easter treat this year and send them macaroons instead. Still sits with the egg theme after all since we use over 90 eggs on every market day and each one is cracked and separated by hand and rested for at least 24 hours before using – eek!

Gluten free too for those coeliacs with a sweet tooth and alot of our flavours are also dairy free but still taste amazing, try for yourself at our next mkt.

We can add a lovely message into your gift if its for someone special just drop us an e-mail to let us know and we’ll get back to you.

What about those Easter tea parties too? nothing goes better with a lovely cup of tea than a heavenly macaroon.

Tis the season for a macaroon wedding.

TheEnglishRoseBakeryfa la la lah, la la la lahhhhh.

Sorry don’t know any wedding songs so figured a jolly carol was the way forward since weddings are just as jolly.

Spring is here and its wedding season, queries coming in thick and fast for macaroon tiers, favours and cakes so get your requests in ladies.

Bespoke seems to be the theme, with ribbons and tissue to match swatches from bridesmaid dresses and even bespoke flavours.

What flavour would you have?

The perfect macaroon for the royal wedding of course is our bespoke English Rose Flavour macaroon to match our new English Rose, Kate.

Anyone having a street party for the occasion? If so, we think macaroons would make the perfect dessert!