And now we’re models!

blog-we-are-modelsHow exciting to get a call and to be asked if our products can feature in a vogue inspired photo shoot.

We wanted to go along but sadly only the macaroons were allowed in the studio. Results look fab though, what do you think? this is just the one shot others should be available to view on flicker in a couple of days.

V pleased to be included and happy to be on many more so any budding photographers out there, can you use macaroons in your photo shoot? The colours look great and we’re always trying new looks, colours and flavours that could be included. Our newest flavour is anise and the macaroon is black, looks great if we do say so ourselves. Come and try for yourself at our next farmers market and let us know what you think, too much? too little? only our macaroon friends can help.

Our First Christmas

blog-christmas-macaronsWell its here, the year has flown and we’ve hit our first Christmas as English Rose bakery. Obviously we’ll be having a macaroon Christmas in our Kitchen, how about you? Think there will be any macaroon treats under your tree? We hope so.

We’ll be spending Christmas with our families, keeping wrapped up warm in doors. How cold?!! Its weather for drinking lots of tea and of course plenty of macaroons too go along side.

Were hoping there won’t be much more snow and Emma will be able to get back from the North East safely in time for our first English Rose Wedding on the 27th or I will have to bring in the troops to help with our 140 macaroon tier and mini macaroon cutting cake, we’ll tell you all about it in the New Year and hopefully have plenty of lovely pics to share with you.

Yes lots of firsts for us at the moment and fingers crossed lots more to follow with your support, we’d just like to say thank you so much for your support through 2010, you’ve been great, we hope you continue to enjoy our treats into 2011.

Have a fantastic Christmas.

Turkish Delight Treats in Narnia

blog-NarniaWe baked some special treats for one of the Castles’ regulars, Mr Robert Owen Brown. He turned a marque at the Mark Addy into the magical world of Narnia for Manchester’s gastro club.

We produced some lovely Turkish delight macaroon treats to go on Robert Owen Browns magical menu of Stuffed unicorn horn, Mr Timus’ wild fensy soup, Mrs Reepicheep’s aged cheese fondue, A sea of seaweed, afloat with a wee boat, edible sail and Narnian sardine, Spit roast horned golden pig and Mrs Beaver’s Marmalade Pudding. A feast for all at the gastro club that night.

We seem to be a dab hand at homemade turkish delight now (after numerous sugar burns on our first attempts, oouch!) so feel free to place your orders. They are scrumptiousjust more gooey than other flavours.

Well its nearly Christmas now guys and were frantically baking to fulfil all our Xmas orders, make sure yours are placed ASAP for Christmas day, it won’t really be Christmas without a cranberry macaroon to eat after your Turkey!

Our first TV appearance

blog-tv-appearanceThat’s right, we are about to be famous! Check out Market kitchen on the Good Food channel at 7pm, hopefully it’s the sign of things to come. Hoping they have good things to say about the English Rose Bakery, keep your fingers crossed for us although how could they not love our almondy tasty treats as much as we do. Don’t know about you guys but I have got to stop nibbling myself or the love handles will continue to grow and my dentist won’t be too happy either.

As were in Chorlton this evening from 4pm till 9pm at the Horse and Jockey Christmas market we’re going to miss it, we’ve set the sky + but do let us know how it goes via twitter or come down and see us for yourself.

We’ve gone transactional

blog-macaroons-onlineCheck us out! The lads (and lady) at Cahoona have done us proud and created our lovely new website. Now its even easier for you to get hold of our lovely macaroons so there’s no excuses, go on treat yourself. Try our new Christmas flavours, Cranberry or Spiced Apple. We are also looking to develop an orange with cinnamon and possibly a Christmas pud flavor, what do you think mac lovers? Any ideas?

We have been hard at work in the kitchen this morning working on a secret macaroon recipe for a well known Manchester based chef, all will be revealed next wk, watch this space.