Patisserie photo shoot with the The English Rose Bakery

blog-patisserie-photo-shootIt’s been a super busy week for The English Rose Bakery, I got a last minute phone call from Victoria (Doodle PR) who managed to get The English Rose Bakery an article in Ok Extra! They needed 3 recipes and accompanying pictures for a foody article. I called upon the lovely David Laslett who was up to his eyes photographing hundreds of spectacles, luckily, he managed to fit me in and we got some amazing pictures of English Rose macaroons, Tarte au Citron and the stunning Fraisiers. Later in the week David came to the kitchen to get a couple of action shots of me making some macaroons so they could use one for the article. I will let you all know once the magazine is out but it should be in the next couple of weeks.