Extra Large Bespoke Macaron Stack


Macaron stacks are a delightful alternative to traditional cakes, offering a unique and eye-catching centerpiece for any event.

Each macaron stack is filled with a delectable ganache or buttercream, creating a burst of flavour with every bite.


If you are looking for something extra special to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, then our bespoke macaroon stack ( or macaron cake) is perfect.

We make these macaron cakes by stacking three layers of hand-piped macaron shape of your choice, filled with either buttercream or ganache from our menu.

Some of our available flavours include: vanilla, strawberry and cream, praline, pistachio, lemon, chocolate orange, mango and passion fruit, black forrest, Biscoff and many more.

We can personalise the bespoke macaroon stacks to suit everyone. From large numbers to cute shapes, we can make anything (well, almost) out of macarons.

We can also add hand painted details as well as  flowers and sweets. The options are endless.

This is a great alternative to a traditional cake, these will definitely impress!

It’s gluten free and can also be made VEGAN.

If you would like to see our vegan macaron gift boxes, head to this link: Vegan Macaron selection Box of 10

This bespoke macaron cake is the perfect treat for any macaron lover. A one of a kind edible piece of art.

Our  extra large bespoke macaroon stack gives 12 to 15 servings. We also have large option for 8 to 10 servings.

To discuss design and get a final quote, please email us at hello@englsihrosebakery.com




Or if you prefer learning how to make one of these macron stacks yourself, we do offer masterclasses https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/macaron-masterclass-tickets-410550817547


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