Turkish Delight Treats in Narnia

blog-NarniaWe baked some special treats for one of the Castles’ regulars, Mr Robert Owen Brown. He turned a marque at the Mark Addy into the magical world of Narnia for Manchester’s gastro club.

We produced some lovely Turkish delight macaroon treats to go on Robert Owen Browns magical menu of Stuffed unicorn horn, Mr Timus’ wild fensy soup, Mrs Reepicheep’s aged cheese fondue, A sea of seaweed, afloat with a wee boat, edible sail and Narnian sardine, Spit roast horned golden pig and Mrs Beaver’s Marmalade Pudding. A feast for all at the gastro club that night.

We seem to be a dab hand at homemade turkish delight now (after numerous sugar burns on our first attempts, oouch!) so feel free to place your orders. They are scrumptiousjust more gooey than other flavours.

Well its nearly Christmas now guys and were frantically baking to fulfil all our Xmas orders, make sure yours are placed ASAP for Christmas day, it won’t really be Christmas without a cranberry macaroon to eat after your Turkey!